Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let There Be Light

This morning was like every weekday morning for the past 2 years. I woke up late, and got ready in a rush. I drove to the office, and walked through the door cringing. I haven't even sat at my desk and my blood pressure is up. I have been trying to change this, but the job market is lacking down here, just like the rest of America. Also, I am thinking about getting out of the insurance business. What is my long term goal? I would love to open a bakery with my sister. We have talked about it many times. We both love to cook, and we know it would be fun. But the probability of making a successful business down here is slim. Two separate cupcake bakeries alone have set up shop here in Corpus recently. I haven't been to either of them yet, but I hope to check them out soon enough.

I find that my hopes aren't crushed entirely. I had a light bulb come on over my head today... Ever thought about hiring a personal chef or shopper? How about in-home cooking lessons? I remember a time when my sister could barely boil water. She has become an amazing cook, and I couldn't be prouder. But there were times when she would call my mother or myself half a dozen times while trying a recipe. Now she can out-cook Paula Deen. Seriously. I would put money on it!

I remember cooking with her, teaching her what she needed in her kitchen, and what spices to buy. Where her kitchen was once bare, it is now a veritable plethora of kitchen gadgets. She was my first student in the culinary arts. It was fun to get her up and going. Now I am the one calling her asking for dinner ideas. Just don't feel like cooking? Call me. I will go to the store, prepare your meal, and slip out the backdoor before you can say "chicken cordon bleu". Always wanted to learn how to make it? I'll teach you what ever you want to know. The ideas keep on coming. It is like catering, but on a smaller scale, and much more flexible.

It excites me to think that there is a way of getting out from under the line of bad bosses and selfish owners that I have worked for in recent years. Even if I only do it on the weekends and evenings right now. It is a start. If it doesn't work out, I could always get a job at the Bright Idea Factory.

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