Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Call Me: "Holly Hobby"

On the weekend, there are 3 things I like to do. Sleep in is el numero uno. Don’t judge me! I don’t have kids!  The second thing I like to do is hang out with my loved ones. I get to see my sister, and nephews, and sometimes my parents, if they aren’t off doing weird old people things like sitting in the South Texas brush play “camping” in their trailer. The third thing I like to is to dabble in my hobbies.  Reading and cooking are my go to hobbies. Even though I do both things during the week, I consider those week days just warm-ups. The weekend is where I really work it out. I can read a book a day on the weekends. Not short books either, normal novel length somewhere around 500 pages and up.

Weekend cooking is when I do my best experimenting. Last weekend, I made doughnuts. This weekend I am on a mission to conquer bread. You may say, “Baking bread is not brain surgery!” But it is, for me.  I never mastered the yeast breads in cooking school. And as my Pappy would tell you, he never got even a single biscuit out of that training he paid for! But, If I can master my arch-nemesis cheesecake, which I did several months ago, I can handle bread.

The newest hobby I have added to my to-do list is sewing. My mom did it all the time when I was a kid. She made some super cool stuff. I have tried once or twice, and I end up confused and with a shirt looking like the one Lisa Cosby made for her brother Theo…

 I would love to take a crack at making my clothes, and save some cash. I know you don’t decide to paint and then start copying Renoir’s work. But I asked Santa for a sewing machine, and lo, the Santa hath provided. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) So I am going to start out making something very simple. I will let you know what I choose, and depending on my level of success, I will post pictures. When I say level of success, I mean if it is crappy, you will see what it looks like, if it is awesome, well I may hint to it, but no one likes a bragger.

Also this weekend, I set a goal to clean out my closet. I have things in there that haven’t seen the light of day for 13 years or more. Which in junk years it isn’t much, but honestly, I have things I kept for sentimental reasons that do not need to be held onto any longer. Such as one year in high school, I decided to shave off the bottom half of my ponytail. I was being a rebel, and thought it was cool. I kept that hunk of hair. I have carried it to remind me of, how dumb I was? Nope, that isn’t right. Maybe how my shampoo smelled? Nope that’s not it either. I honestly don’t know why I have it. Maybe it is to remind me that I ALMOST got away with it. My mom would have never noticed. But, after it had grown back a few inches, she had taken me to the doctor. My Uncle Alan happened to be there in the waiting room with my cousin Jr. He took one look at me, and asked me what the hell I did to my hair. Ever been chewed out in the doctors’ office by your mom in front of a roomful of strangers? My Uncle Alan was amused, I however, was not. I think it is time to get rid of a random baggie of hair that I have moved around with me to 5 apartments, my parent’s house x 2, and now, my home.

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