Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
This is the story of my life.
It isn't much, but it is mine. It can be a zoo.

Please keep your hands and feet tucked in at all times.

Monday, January 3, 2011

People Like Shoes

I figured it was time for some "me" time. That is why I started this blog. Sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there. How better to express my silly and often times misunderstood self? I can post here as often/little as I want! No commitment. When I get bored I can just walk away! So few things I can do that with these days, I really must keep these types of options open. Take knitting for instance. Boorrrriinng. So I felt totally fine with not pursuing it further. When I want to stop being committed to, say, paying bills, they start turning stuff off, and taking things away. Boo. It is no fun to come home to no power. So I will blog, as long as it keeps my attention that is. So if you start reading this, don't get too attached. I may give it up tomorrow!

A little bit about me: I love tattoos, and whiskey. I smoke, and cuss like a sailor. I am a highly sexual being *wink wink*. I also love chasing my nephew, and baking sweets for my loved ones. I am the auntie that does art projects with the kids for every season. I demand to have random parties for occasions such as this past years "back to school party". I give sappy sweet pictures of my family to my family. I cry while watching movies and TV shows. I mean, I am 1/2 redneck woman, and 1/2 June Cleaver. Even my SUV has a tailgate!! I mean how much more confusing can a person get?!

Well, I am not that confusing. I am just a normal woman. Promise. I know there are tons of women out there that hold my same qualities. I am not speh-shul. I have insecurities, and certain times of the month when I am ready to snap people in two. I hate things like the "N" word and brussel sprouts. (Blech!) I don't get along with people that think that because they have had a shitty life, you should too. I refuse to wear pantyhose, and rarely wear heels any more. I am messy. I am opinionated, and not afraid to tell you that you are wrong. I will admit when I am wrong, but only if you don't bully me into it. I have morals and I pity those who don't. See, like I said, I'm normal.

  Thankfully I have a mostly normal life. Right now it is just me, my hubby, three cats and a dog. I want babies, we just haven't been lucky yet. I really don't like when people ask when we are having kids. I mean, what are you gonna say when I tell you we have been trying for a while? I know what you will say. "It will happen." "Relax and it will happen." "You are still young and have plenty of time!" "Take a vacation!" "Stop trying and it will happen!" "Adopt and it will happen!" It is nice of you to try to keep my hopes up. It really is. But you know what? Don't say those things to ANYONE trying to get pregnant. It is annoying and redundant. I'm just saying. There is no cure all for infertility. Next time you feel like asking someone when they are going to have kids, don't. Instead, tell them they have nice shoes. Even ask where they got them. People like shoes.

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