Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
This is the story of my life.
It isn't much, but it is mine. It can be a zoo.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

100 Adventures and Counting!

Blogging achievement obtained! Welcome to my 100th post celebration! I wasn't prepared for a post extravaganza because it snuck up on me. (did you know snuck is not a proper word? It's slang!) However, I did eat a leftover brain cupcake from Halloween for breakfast in front of my computer in honor of this glorious occasion. It was much tastier than the oatmeal I planned on eating, but I still feel guilty for doing it. But hey, you only post your 100th blog post once right? This is better than my blogiversary, because honestly, I didn't think I would stick to this.  But I obviously have found something that suits me, because here I am 100 posts later! Sure, there have been weeks I haven't posted, usually because of obligations and then that one time that I was in the hospital. I expected to get bored with this, as I do with all of my hobbies. But I haven't! I'm still not bored. Amazing! But blogging has it's downsides.

Surprisingly enough, there have been people who read my blog, and take everything I put on here as a personal attack. With the exception of one post, I do not speak directly to or about any one person. I try to make it a rule to keep personal specifics out of a post unless it is my own ordeal (or Mr. Pigglesworth's), and I choose to share.When I am inspired to write a blog post, the ideas come from day to day life. I am not out to hurt anyone. I try to find humor in everything, and most of the time my humor is sarcastic and silly. So the mixture of real life goings on and sarcasm sometimes makes trouble. But that's just me. I can't apologize for that.

 Sometimes, the best blog post is one that involves embarrassing moments in my life. My pants falling off in the driveway at home , and then again in a crowded store? Yea,  that was a good one. But I don't mind laughing at myself. I do dumb things all the time. Such as.... I am notorious for  losing my phone. The other day , as I was leaving for work I was in a last minute panic looking everywhere for my phone. I gave up, and figured I would find it when I got home. That was until I put my phone that was already in my hand in my purse to get my keys out. No one was paying close attention to me that morning. No one knew it had happened ! I could have laughed it off alone, but I choose to show you that we all do ditzy things. No blonde needed!

Possibly the most horrifying thing about blogging is the fact that once it's on the web, it will always be out there somewhere. Even if I should now decide that I no longer want my blog, I know in my soul that the internet never forgets. It has an epic memory! I will forever be tied to Adventures of Beebs! One day I will look back upon these years of weekly blogging and ask my self. "What was I thinking?" (The current me could care less.) Happy 100th post day to me! And.....


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