Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Dreaming of A Coconut Pecan Frosted Christmas.

 Monday is usually a hard transition from the weekend. But today, while is is dragging on into infinity, hasn't been horrible. For some reason my brain has been in Christmas mode. I'm not entirely sure why my brain is so focused on it, but I am excited this year. Possibly because I will be working on some of my gift projects soon. There is nothing more exciting then a new craft! I haven't picked out anything too ambitious. Just a few fluffy things, a stringy thing, and something that lights up. I know that is vague and random, but I just don't want to spoil it for the recipient. All I know is, I am ready to go to Hobby Lobby and stock up on items.

One thing I am NOT looking forward to this year is all the treats that are flying around in my face. Mom made Jumbles? Om nom nom. Tamales? Pass the picante and cheese! My sister made 4 kinds of fudge and incorporated it into a massive cheesecake brownie pie cookie? Oh great gods of diabetic heaven, get ready, I'm coming!! I have been much more realistic these past couple of months when it comes to temptation. I do not deprive myself of things. I just try to make better choices, and I know if I have a bad meal, I had better be eating lean and clean the next few days. But Christmas seems to be the ultimate trial. If I can make it through these next holidays with out packing on the pounds, I might actually have learned my lesson. I know there will be weak moments. When my mom hauls out her home made german chocolate cake, and starts slicing it up, I will be first in line! You can't tell me no. There is something about her cake that makes even the staunchest coconut hater fall in love with it. (shivers) I can give up the tamales, and I can only eat one of Daddy's sausage and cheese balls. But you can bet your britches I'll be tearing up some of that home made cake. (Maybe even with a glass of almond egg nog, if I'm feeling sassy.)

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