Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Drama PSA, For Your Pleasure

I am an advice giver and all around mothering type. It has always been in my nature to be the ear everyone bends when they are having issues, and my advice is usually given freely. But there are those few that I lose my patience with. I can't take the bitching, the self loathing, the scowls, and the general nasty attitudes. People have problems. That's life. But most of the people around you didn't have a thing to do with what made you angry. Take your f*ck world attitude, and shove it where the sun don't shine.  Everyone is entitled to a bad day. But you know what, when you have more bad days then good, then you need some help. Take your anger and your drama to a therapist and let it out. Don't come home or bring it to work.

Life is so much better without drama! Why can't people realize this, and stop creating it?! It's not hard. Have an issue with someone? Ask them directly about it, and don't assume. That cuts down on so much drama. If you feel like you need to alienate those around you, and make everyone uncomfortable, while you let your issue fester, shame on you. Wallowing in self righteous anger because of misunderstandings or minor issues, makes you and your surrounding environment like poison. The solution is simple. Be more forgiving and understanding. Talk to the person you have issues with, see a professional about your feelings, and make an effort to grow up and move on.

Life doesn't have to be filled with issues and drama, but eventually  people learn to expect issues from you. It's really  hard to want to include or be around someone who is well known for taking a perfectly good day or occasion and turning it to crap. Life has enough unpleasant events to go around. Making more for yourself and others is a crime. There is so much out there to enjoy and be thankful for. If you stop bitching about the thorns, you might notice how beautiful the rose is.

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