Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love Means Eating Burnt Sausage

Sundays at Casa de Beebs usually consist of coffee, sleeping in, and general lazing about. I do try to make my upcoming week easier by planning out our menu. I plan at least 4 dinners, and leave Fridays open for anything. My only rule is no repeats! Cooking the same old things gets boring. So I spend some time looking for easy and interesting foods to make. If I go to the store without a plan, that usually leads to half formed ideas and missing ingredients. I don't like having to go back to the store. So spending a wee bit of my lazy Sunday planning and shopping for the week is worth it. Thankfully, Pinterest has really helped my Sunday meal planning. In fact, all four of this weeks meals come from things that caught my eye while pinning. I can't be 100% positive the outcomes will be great, but I try. Thankfully, my husband is just happy if there is food on the table.

Once, I put some sausage on the gas grill, and ended up charring them beyond recognition in a blaze of grease and glory. The blaze was so bad, the neighbor ran over to our house with a fire extinguisher. I got the fire under control, but the sausage was burnt, black and crispy. My husband sat down , smothered the cremated remains of the sausage in mustard and chowed down. He lived to regret it, but I will always appreciate his ability to eat anything I make. I do try my best to serve delicious dinners. But sometimes, I accidentally test my husbands faith in my cooking. He has yet to fail me in proving he will eat just about anything.

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