Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!
This is the story of my life.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days In One Day, I Win!

All week, several of my close friends and family have been doing daily posts on Facebook for 30 days of giving thanks. I think it is a wonderful idea! You can never be too thankful. I am not participating because I am already posting my blog daily. But, I figured why not go ahead and list all 30 in one blog post? So here is my day 1-30 I am thankful for posts in no particular order:

1. My crazy family. I couldn't do this life thing without them.

2. My goofy, hilarious, smart, bull headed husband, who says no to my "suggestions", but does it anyway just to make me happy. He loves me, even when I lose my temper or my sanity. We may not always agree, but ultimately, we are a team.

3. My eclectic and fun mix of friends. Without them, girls night would be less gossipy and parties would be dull. Shopping would be less likely to induce sidesplitting laughter, and lunch wouldn't be a 2.5 hour ordeal.

4. My sister. She is a best friend, a partner in crime, the sun to my moon, the mother of my nephew, my comic relief, my cheerleader, my benefactor, my therapist, my enabler, and the best thing since sliced bread.

5. My hetero life mate. She has been there with me through relationships, growing pains, and pretty much everything I've gotten myself into since 1999. If I was married to a polygamist, I would be happy to be her sister-wife, she's just that awesome.

6. My online work buddy and long time friend on the East Coast. She is my complaint department, and I am hers. We keep each other from roasting alive in the burning stupid our offices can spit our way. Her enemies are mine, even though I have never met them, and we make fun of everyone. Also, she has the biggest collection of cat memes I have ever seen on a phone.

7. Diet Coke. Delicious.

8. My Mom. Her broken brain to mouth filter has never been fixed, and while it can be aggravating and  down right embarrassing at times, you never seem to leave anything unspoken. Your generosity is astounding, and if half the world were as giving and concerned as you, we would never have another war. I would vote for you if you ran for president. You would get this country back in shape, I just know it.

9. My Daddy. He's the salt of the Earth. He's a walking encyclopedia, and funny as hell. He is an amazing craftsman, and is probably one of the most patient people I have ever met. He is as laid back  as he is formidable. He's the reason I am book worm.

10. My Sister in Law, for being our champion, and for convincing me to stick with it. She promised it was worth it, and it has been.

11. My Job. It's not the best. I work for selfish jerks. But I have a job. I earn an okay paycheck, and I am able to help support my little family unit.

12. Coffee. I can't wake up without it. If I try, the day is ruined.

13. Books. I LOVE READING.

14. My animals. Yes, even the hellions. My house would be empty and silent without them.

15. That I was born and raised in the USA. Freedom of speech, right here.

16. Calculators. Because I suck at math.

17.  Cheese. But not stinky cheese. Swiss is as far as I'll go on stink factor.

18. The Internet, because I'm too old to hang out at the mall with my friends, and with the aid of stolen pictures, I am so much funnier. Life would be boring without it.

19. Air Conditioners and Fans. I live in the armpit of Texas. There is humidity and heat here. I would die without my cool air, man made or not.

20. Flat iron hair styling tool. Without it I would still have a 1/2 strait 1/2 curly mop with no hope.

21. Granny panties. Because most nights, I'd rather be comfy than sexy.

22. Chocolate. Because I would kill everyone without it.

23. Whiskey

24.  Rum

25. Vodka

26. That ABC hasn't cancelled my shows yet. (Once Upon A Time, 666 Park Avenue, occasionally Revenge)

27. For my crockpot. It makes dinner less of an effort and more of an event.

28. The air I breathe. Without it, I would die.

29. Diet Coke. Yes, again

30. The people that read my blog and support me in my hobby. Thank you for reading!!

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